Thursday, March 31, 2011

Song of the day: Pin (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

I don't know how to imbed videos, apologies.

Myself, the Sauders, Colon and other Weaver are seeing TV on the Radio next week in Philadelphia. I know you're jealous.

I met some Canadians the other week in Lancaster. They were wearing their team Canada jerseys at the Brickyard... baller.

Friday, March 25, 2011

"The Bad Touch"

"You and me baby? Ain't nothin' but mammals."

So why did I stop writing this blog?

Was I exhausted after a cross-country drive? Yes.
Was I hung over when I left Pittsburgh? Yes. (Sometimes, it's better to forget what happens in Pittsburgh. It's like Las Vegas, but with hockey!)

The correct answer is that I have trouble finishing what I start. Except Sudoku. Is that a dated reference?


For those interested,

the rest of my trip back from Vancouver was great. My family was nice enough to let me stay in Florida for a couple of months, where in the warm weather I ironically played lots of hockey. My brother's team won the HS championship which is really neat. Never could I imagine I would be watching my brother play online while cheering a team named the 'Golden Manatees'.

Anyway, a much belated congrats, Nick.

Before 2010 ended, I attended a beautiful wedding,

Went to space,

And met these cool dudes in NYC,

That's Ben on the left, Seth on the right, Manhattan in the background. The brains behind Fencing (the band!)! Feel free to listen to them here: for the uninitiated I would recommend "two chord jam").

In November 2010 I jaunted over to NYC to see the restaurant Seth manages. Unsurprisingly I was put to work, but the cook was cool and made me dinner.
Earlier, I had also driven to Washington DC to attend the Rally to Restore Sanity.

If I learned anything, it was that I should never drive in either New York City or Washington DC.

... the Sauders and Char...

Good people. You should meet them. Find photos from NYC, DC, and Ridley Park trips on the facebook.

Let's see what Lancaster City has in store.