Sunday, August 15, 2010

Big Sky

Tonight I find myself in Butte, Montana.

It almost feels like i haven't stopped driving since June. One very noticeable difference is the heat, and I wish now more than ever that Eileen had air conditioning.

Two pet peeves:

1) Buicks. (Not groundbreaking news). Engineered to always drive 10 mph below the posted speed limit.
2) People who play the lottery. I'm trying to pay for my gas here, can you decide which of your kid's birthdays to use as your "lucky" number a little quicker, please?

I never became used to the metric system, glad to see familiar phrases like "miles per hour".

Idaho and Montana are nicer to drive through than Washington state.

This sign gave me false hope:
...and yes, they use George Washington's head as the outline marking all state highways.
Apparently there is a ghost in my car, wouldn't let me get a clear shot, but Eileen passed 92,000.
At the border,
Later, gators!

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