Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gotta hava Wawa

So I skipped past Sault Ste. Marie and stopped in Wawa (no, not the gas station).


My current route is taking me around Lake Superior, which is pretty neat.


Eileen passed the 88,888.8 mile mark today, and like a stooge, I forgot to take a picture of the odometer. Today officially marked the 1,000th mile of the trip.



I couldn't get a picture of the bridge going forward, so that's the best you'll get. Good shot of how much stuff I'm hauling though…



Michael Leighton is on acid. Have fun losing to the Western Conference, Philly. You aren't that good. That's what bitter looks like.



Anyway, hockey frustrations aside it's been a good trip…if I can put together a few 10hour drives, I should be in Vancouver this Sunday.


Supposedly there is a giant goose here in Wawa, I'll try and get a shot of it tomorrow.

Gas is extremely expensive in Canada, it costs about 50% more to fill up the tank.


Finally stopped at a Tim Horton's today, I forgot how good their Iced Cap's are. Not my photo btw: Iced Cap


I saw road signs indicating there were Amish about, yet couldn't be a tourist and find one to photograph. Yet the world still turns…


I'm hoping to make it to Dryden, ONT tomorrow. Here is a rough sketch of the route so far...

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  1. Good Morning...How was the Northern Lights Hotel?
    OK so you've convinced me...Go BlackHawks!!!