Saturday, May 15, 2010

Muskoka Skies

This is why you drive 10 straight hours!

I'm thinking today will be a good opportunity for pictures.

My biggest concern about my trip so far, besides getting stuck behind a Buick, is maintaining amusement during the 8 + hours I'll be driving each day. Does anyone recommend any good audiobooks?

At least I don't have to worry about missing Penguins games. And though I despise the Flyers, I'll have to agree with the NHL promo videos and say that history had been made. (

Eileen has already racked up 550+ miles so far, and I've enjoyed keeping up with crazy Toronto drivers. It's amazing how quickly you can cover long distances without stops at Cracker Barrel.

I've yet to stop by Tim Horton's. Then again, I'm not a tourist. Tourists in Huntsville, ONT are called "terrorists" by the locals. Speaking of, the G8 Summit will be held in Huntsville (home of Les Stroud!) in June.


  1. eileen is a pretty fitting name for the car, i'm sure because of the song? pic looks great, i'm jealous.

  2. Hi Conrad....Yes it's that 80's song :)