Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Drive A Lot

…that's a title from one of my favorite Starflyer 59 songs by the way.

Hello followers! All five of you! If all goes according to plan, this update will include lots of photos and interesting tidbits, not to be confused with Timbits, the delicious donut holes found at every Tim Hortons!

Catching up a little bit,

Yesterday I drove past the exit to the family cottage, hopefully on the way back I can stop in.

Ben, Seth, and the Sauders know what I'm talking about.

As an indication of how cold Muskoka winters can be, here is a picture of the amount of wood it will take to heat my aunt and uncle's beautiful home in Utterson. Pictured is my cousin Conner, who is probably smarter than I am and is "beast" on a trampoline (you're welcome Nicholas).

Uncle Jeff made sure I got some cool photos of Eillen behind the fire.

The camera makes the shot look better than it probably was, BUT… I learned how to hit a golf ball this past Monday, and went out in the field to find one of them. That house in the background is where I hit it from. Ben Weaver just shit himself in disbelief.

Here is a shot from yesterday's drive, a small view of Lake Superior taken while I took a leak.

…and the room at the Northern Lights Motel where I stayed. Highly recommended!

I was told to get a picture of the goose in Wawa.

Ontario driving survival question: Which animal is the most feared on the Ontario section of the Trans-Canada Highway? (Canadians can't answer!)

...taken just outside of the aptly named Marathon, Ontario.

…the Terry Fox memorial. Please take the time to learn more about him here.

Click on this picture if you dare to get a close-up of the thousands of bug's Eileen has slaughtered. The car literally reeks. Gross right?

I'm currently in Dryden, Ontario, home of Captain Elbows Mr. Chris Pronger.

The updated route is here.

Manitoba tomorrow! Should I stop in Brandon?

Comments more than welcome!


  1. Yesssss! Stop in Brandon, BRANDON.
    If you have time, go to Smitty's Family restaurant and sportsline lounge ( I bartended there years ago!) Address is the Brandon Shoppers mall, 1570-18th street R7A 5C5 off the Trans Canada Hwy. Lunch is on me :)
    Great photos! You're creating a fantastic blog and I appreciate being able to catch up everyday!
    Love you, proud of you and travel safe!
    PS: Maybe you can get a memorial cup souviner :)

  2. Excellent Blog. I will hopefully be able to get Nan and Gramps signed up so they can enjoy as well. How is Wilson?

  3. How can you not stop in Brandon? Jus think of all the cool Welcome to Brandon stuff you can find? Keep On Truckin......Safely!! OK, Hyundi'ing......Safely.

  4. Soooo... when are we going back to the cottage? I'd do that whole road trip over again if we could. Also an alternate title to this post could have been the Tenacious D song "The Road." Also when did you get Eileen? Pretty aptly named, considering your love for the 80's hit of the same name.