Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wide Open Spaces To Space Mountain Places

Apologies for the delay everyone,

I'm writing to you from Kamloops, BC, about four hours from Vancouver. That's right, the long drive ends tomorrow.

But before we look ahead, here's what happened this past weekend:

I received a phone call from my long lost cousin Kristen, inviting me to stay at her and her husband Chad's house when I stopped in Calgary. After catching up as much as possible that night, and meeting their wonderful daughter Manning, I took a tour of one of the restaurants Chad manages Saturday. The Redwater Grille also happened to be where we ate dinner that night (a little more about that in a second.) Thankfully and delightfully my Aunt Sandy, Uncle Grant and cousin Travis drove down from Red Deer for a visit. The presence of family so far from Pittsburgh is the only thing that topped the Alberta steak Chad recommended, and now I fear I can no longer eat steak, knowing I can never have better.

A million thanks to Kristen and Chad for their hospitality. By letting me crash at their house for the weekend they afforded this weary traveler the opportunity to refuel for the home stretch of the trip. I can't wait to drive back through Alberta to see them all again...

…as well as to re-experience the beautiful landscapes in British Columbia and Alberta. To say the least, Mid-west and Western Canada are expansive. I'd never seen clouds so large.

See the hint of elevation in the background of suburban Calgary?

I knew the Rockies dwarfed the Appalachian mountains, but nothing prepared me for the sheer majesty of the tallest mountain range in North America.

Images alone cannot capture the experience of driving through the mountains. Today's seven hours of driving were easily worth the effort. After awhile, taking photos became futile, as there aren't enough megabytes available to properly document the landscape.

Vancouver tomorrow.

Someone tell this joker to watch the road.

FYI a full online photo album will be available via flickr, but they only let me upload a certain amount a day. Keep an eye out.

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  1. You made it!!!!!!!!!!! How's Vancouver treating you? Hope you're getting settled into Greg and Forence's place. You can relax now and give Eileen and yourself a rest from the road!!!!