Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vancouver Bound

12:00 AM 5/14/2010--Lancaster, PA

At 6:30 AM EST, Friday, May 14 2010 I will begin my cross-continent journey from Lancaster, PA to Vancouver, BC. I invite all of you to join me vicariously as I take Eileen the 3,134 miles across Canada. Expect frequent pictures, videos and other updates between now and Sunday, May 23 (and beyond!)

I would like to thank in advance my employer, REMOS Aircraft, for giving me the week off. But more importantly I'd like to extend my infinite gratitude toward my wonderful parents and extended family who have and will continue to support me throughout this experience.

I'm sure it will be Vancouveriffic. No.....Canadamazing? Needless to say, the title is a work in progress.


  1. Drive Safe! Don't talk to too many Canadian Gurlz.

  2. Miss you already!!!! Keep safe and enjoy your adventure xoxoxoMom

  3. Oh, and I'll count all those quarters you left and deposit into your account to help cover your gas expense!