Monday, May 24, 2010

The View From Up Here

(EDIT: find the entire route from Lancaster to Vancouver here!)


If my car and I were in a facebook relationship, it would be "complicated."

The thing had no idea what speeds over 70mph were like, so the speedometer decided to metronome erratically the whole drive today. Fine, Eileen. Two can play games, I'm not driving you for a month. And you smell. Some cars, if you're with them long enough, they just stop taking care of themselves. She'll probably find some nice Lexus or BMW in the parking garage to hang out with.

...really, you can move closer to the fire, it won't be bad for you or anything.

In much cooler news, today I arrived in Vancouver and began setting up shop in my aunt and uncle's apartment. It's a great, classy place right next to the University of British Columbia (and one of the rinks where Olympic hockey was played this year!) with access to anything I will need. I realized today that I don't know a single person within a day's drive, but am resolved to see this as a great opportunity to meet other people.

You're welcome, Dad.

FYI: Never try to use the bathroom at the Tim Horton's in Chilliwack. You'll be standing there awhile.

How come writing a blog makes you feel like that one lady on Sex and the City? Ok fine, I know her name is Carrie, thank you ex-girlfriend for that useless information.

Speaking of girls...Seth Colon, you had better be reading. Jerk.

Go Blackhawks. Moratorium on NHL talk until the offseason.

I tried really, really hard not to drop the camera.

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  1. Hey, you're on the other side of the continent! Nice job! Nice view! Most importantly, NICE CAR............oh yee of little faith. Maybe she deserve a nice wash, wax, vaccum and oil change (when you can stand to sit in her again). Welcome to Vancouver. Get a bike.

  2. Sooo, the ice rink girl...what was her name?

  3. That's it, you're cut off from interesting information.